Settings and Configuration

When you create your first account and bot, you can configure some basic settings which are explained here in more detail.

Account configuration

The account configuration is simple.

  • Email: You will use this for login and account recovery.

  • Password: Your login password.

  • Invite code: With this invite code you can invite new users to the platform. Feel free to share it and help us spreading the word. We will not forget our early users and supporters.

Bot Settings

The bot settings can be found in the bot detail view, when clicking on settings and are valid for the currently selected bot.

  • Bot Name: This is just internal for your to make your dashboard clear.

  • Blockchain: We will support all major EVM chains soon, and add more and more chains when we are done with testing. For now you can chose betwenn the major ones. One OrbBot always works on one Blockchain.

  • Demo mode: When a bot runs in demo mode, your trades will not be executed on the blockchain! All the data and events are still real. This is good to test new strategies and for our upcoming backtesting feature where you can test your strategies on historical data.

  • Active: By default all Bots are active and running. If you want to disable a bot for any reason, just deactivate it. In the Bot overview it will appear greyed out and you can enable it anytime again.

  • Strategy: Here you can set the default strategy for the Bot. Each strategy has different default values for take profits, stop losses and other settings. You can always overwrite them later during the trade and create multiple strategies for different chains / bots or kind of token.

  • Telegram bot token and Telegram chat id: To get updates and status notifications for blockchain events and your bot actions, you can use telegram and provide the bot with a bot token and a telegram chat id.

  • Leaderboard display name: This name will be shown for your bot in the public leaderboard.

  • Show leaderboard: If you disable this option, your bots performance will be hidden.

Strategy Settings

A strategy holds different default values which will be applied to all open positions / trades / orders, unless overwritten manually during trading.

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