Our fee model is simple:

We charge a fixed amount of 0.5% per trade execution.

Usually due to avoiding slippage and frontrunning and having a very fast execution, you should save much more than that.

To avoid spending to much on gas fees, especially for small traders, the fees are internally accounted until a threshold is met, which is different for each blockchain. When that value is reached, the fees are transferred to our fee wallet for that chain.

Fee transfer limits:

  • Ethereum Mainnet: 50$

  • BSC, Arbitrum, Polygon: 10$

This fees allow us to run all the required nodes and infrastructure to provide you this service and expand future operations.

We are right now also evaluating different models, on how to reward our early supporters. More on this will be announced soon.

You can always check all your fees for all transactions in your bot details.

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