Project Research - Adding new Projects to Orbitrum

Adding new Projects to Orbitrum.

One of Orbitrums primary goals is to share information, learn together, research together and become successful together. If you are a solo investor, you might know the problem of hundreds of projects popping up every day and digging through all this information is hard.

That is why we distribute this research task by allowing all of our community members to assist with the research of new projects and share insights they gained.

This document explains how to add new projects to Orbitrum and what to look out for.

Hint: Please make sure that a project does not exist in our database before submitting it! Double submitted projects will be deleted automatically. Just do a name search before submitting.

You can add new projects by clicking "Projects" in the side menu followed by clicking the "+" button in the top right.

Then you should see the project submit form as shown in the following screenshot.

Here you have different fields available.

The idea of Orbitrum is, to make as much work as possible fully automated! Therefore we have a specially trained AI language model and various scraping protocols to gather and research information for you.

These algorithms do all the hard work and take care of daily updated data like Twitter followers, Daily Active Users, TVL, Twitter Sentiment, generating a token report, calculating the Orbscore, etc.

But, to work well, they need a starting pointer where they can gather official data from.

That's why it is important to only enter official project sites and sources of information in this form!

No airdrop sites, no random twitter accounts, no personal opinions and no temporary data which is outdated soon like the number Twitter followers!

The most important data points:

  • Project Name: This needs to be unique and helps to identify projects and search for them. Always try to use the original spelling of the project.

  • Category: This helps to build portfolios in special sectors like Gaming or AI.

  • URL: This needs to be the official website of the project and point to the homepage. So remove any path. Example:

  • Blockchain (optional): This helps to filter projects later

  • Short description: Most projects have some sort of tagline or description what they do. Example: "Uniswap is a DEX on Ethereum and some L2". The short description helps users to know without checking the detail page of a project to understand what the project is about.

  • Tags: Tags help to search for projects, strategies and tokens. Example: perp, gamefi, l2, airdrop. Just use a few fitting words.

  • Status: Some projects are just announced, some are already live and some are in testnet stage.

  • Links: Twitter, Coingecko, Github, Docs, etc. This fields serve again as a starting point for our scraping algorithms. Twitter and Docs are especially important. Please make sure to to only enter official URLs. The Docs link contains the main documentation. Example:

  • Description: This will be later automatically written and updated by our AI tools based on the gathered information from the available Data. To have something to begin with, it is helpful if you just copy and paste like 200-500 words from the official site or documentation here, if available.

And thats it. You can press submit and the project will appear in the Orbitrum database.

New projects submitted by users are "unverified" and have a warning sign on top of the project details page. Our team will review unverified information regularly and set their status to verified.

Our automated algorithms only work with verified information, to make sure, we only have accurate data.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Updating project information

If you want to update an existing project, go to the project detail site and press the Button with the two Arrows in a circle in the top right corner.

You can fill out the same form as above and submit a project update request.

Our team will check all project update requests as fast as possible and confirm the information.

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