How to buy $ORB?

The $ORB token is on Arbitrum Layer 2. All tokens where initially supplied to a uniswap v3 Liquidity pool with Ether.

Always use the contract address when buying the token and double check, that you are using the right address!

The $ORB contract address is: 0x54F983F1407D6ec30C6B7633F2Bf05a672a7f216

To buy $ORB Token go to this link on

1. Get ETH token in your Metamask Account on Arbitrum

To buy $ORB token you need Ether in your wallet. We will use Metamask here as example, but the process is the same for most other EVM-compatible browser based wallets.

You can buy Ether on any centralized Exchange like Binance, Coinbase, or others.

From there the easiest and cheapest way is to transfer your ETH straight to Arbitrum L2 network.

How that is done depends on your Provider, but usually within your withdraw options you can chose to which network to transfer your tokens.

2. Bridge ETH from Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum (optional)

If you already have Ether on any other chain, you can also bridge them to the Arbitrum L2 network.

For bridging you can use Stargate Finance, Synapse Protocol or any bridge you prefer.

3. Swapping from ETH to ORB

When you have your ETH balance on Arbitrum network, the next step is to swap them for $ORB token. Therefore you can use

Make sure you Metamask (or any other wallet) is connected to the Arbitrum One Network and shows your ETH balance.

Then go to

Make sure, you select the Arbitrum network in the uniswap interface:

Last step is just to select the amount in ETH you want to swap, then allow uniswap to swap your tokens.

Hint: When buying larger amounts, you might need to increase the slippage to 5-10%. Just press the gear icon in the top right corner, and set "Max slippage" to Custom 10%.

Hint: If you cant find the $ORB Token in your wallet, find the "import tokens" Link below your assets balance in Metamask. In the next screen add the $ORB address: 0x54F983F1407D6ec30C6B7633F2Bf05a672a7f216

It should show the Orbitrum token name and ORB symbol and when you click ok, you're done and should see the tokens in your wallet.

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