Why Orbitrum?

Orbitrum started as a learning and research project. We are a group of passionate crypto enthusiasts with a strong computer science / finance background and trading / investing in this space since the very early days over 10 years ago.

During that time and especially during the "DeFi"-summer back in 2020 we saw the emerge of automated market makers and decentralized exchanges. This is in our opinion an amazing concept but in it's current state has a few issues which makes it a lot harder to use them in a fair way for "normal" users.

After having paid thousands in fees, spend endless hours on analytics we decided to do some research, on how we could improve the situation and help us and other users.

This is work in progress and we will publish our results in various Tweets/Papers/tools made available to the public.

Some of the issues for current crypto users / traders / investors we are trying to fix are:

  • Huge amounts of data: There are so many new projects / token coming out every day, new layer1 / layer2 blockchains, Twitter Accounts to follow, Discords to join ... the whole crypo space is evolving at a crazy speed. This makes it impossible for a single person and even for smaller teams, to catch up with everything whats happening. With OrbAnalytics we automate parts of the research and help you to save time and make sure you dont miss out on new opportunities.

  • Scam / Rugpulls: Whenever there is money involved, there will be scammers as well, who try to take it. Hundreds of scam projects are launched every day and its even for advanced users sometimes very hard to detect which project is "real" and which is a scam. OrbAnalytics has different features like transaction simulations to detect honeypots or rugpull detection build in.

  • Psychological Challenges: Crypto trading / investing can be stress. Most mistakes, especially from people new in that space, are made because of greed, fear of missing out, regret, etc. This mistakes can be avoided by having fully or semi automated strategies and a proper risk management. OrbTrader helps you to archive that.

  • Technical challenges: Even when you get your analysis right and master your mindset, you will face another category of challenges which are very technical and hard to solve. Do you know what MeV is? Frontrunning? Slippage? We will go into more details of all this topics in our documentations but it basically means, people will somehow try to take advantage of you and what you are doing on chain. You will pay higher fees and get your tokens for a worse price. OrbTrader has various protections build in, to save you a lot of fees and improve your transaction speed execution.

  • Professional risk management: In traditional finance, traders know, that proper risk management is key to success. Missing an opportunity can be aggravating but losing all your money, can be the end of your crypto journey. OrbTrader offers professional risk management tools like automated stop-loss orders, trailing stops, etc. to help you manage your risk.

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