Supported Chains, Tokens and Exchanges

During our current Alpha testing stage we support the following Blockchains and Decentralized Exchanges. We will expand this list to finally support all major exchanges on all major blockchains within the next 1-2 months. DEXes with higher daily volume will be added first and then we continue to the smaller ones.

Our systems are designed to handle any blockchain and DEX. Adding them is usually just a matter of a database entry and maybe adding the private nodes.

Our priority list ist based on the CoinGecko list of DEXes sorted by volume. We will not support the stable coin exchanges like Curve, but the rest.

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) - Working

We started with BSC because it has very low fees, 3 seconds block time and lots of transactions and volume. So it is a perfect testing ground for us.

Warning: Users of BSC need to be very careful! more than 90% of the tokens during our research where scam / rugpulls / honeypots. So when you test something on BSC network, always make sure the token you want to buy has an orbscore higher than 50!

On BSC we currently support Pancakeswap v2 and v3 as the major DEX.

We support all coingecko listed tokens (around 3.000) and also offer a coinsniper which gives you extrem fast access to every new created trading pair (over 100k tokens). But due to the very high risk, we don't recommend using it for now.

Arbitrum One - Working

Arbitrum is one of our favourite L2. It is cheap, fast and has some very interesting projects. The avarage blocktime is around 0.3 secs, but the number of events and the daily volume is much smaller compared to BSC / Mainnet. We still love arbitrum and support it.

On Arbitrum we support SushiSwap v2 and v3. Also we support Uniswap V3.

Ethereum Mainnet - Working

Ethereum is still the biggest chain in volume by far. It's quite expensive in transaction fees for testing and slow compared to the others, but still, if you're serious about defi, you have to support it.

On Mainnet we support Uniswap V2 and v3. We also support SushiSwap v2 and V3.

Polygon - Testing

We are currently testing Polygon Mainnet. We will support QuickSwap, Sushiswap and Uniswap.

Optimism - Testing

We are currently testing Optimism. We will support Uniswap v3 there.

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