Deposit and Withdraws

An OrbBot is basically a wallet running with some special features for automation and trade execution. Each bot has its own public address for deposits and its own private key which will be shown to you during Bot creation. Please make sure to store that private key in a secure place and never share it with anyone!


Before you can execute any trades you need to deposit the native token of the selected blockchain into your bot wallet.

Therefore you go to the deposit tab in your bot details.

You will see the Bots public address there. Please always only send the native token to that wallet. So for Ethereum or Arbitrum it is ETH and for the Binance Smart Chain its BNB. After sending the token it will be available in your Bots wallet when the transaction is confirmed.

In the field below please paste the transaction hash, you can get that from any block explorer or in your Metamask wallet when you click on transaction details.

Below that field you can see your latest transactions.


You can withdraw your profits anytime. Therefore go to the Withdraw tab in your bot details, enter your wallet and the amount and press withdraw.

You can always only withdraw the native token (ETH, BNB, MATIC, ... ) for now.

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